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Enrich User's Guide

Enrich is a web-based software program that provides student performance information on standardized test results to teachers and school administrators. It consists of a searchable database of student test data that is integrated with PowerSchool. Data may be reviewed for individual students, as well as in reports for groups of students. In Greenwood School District 50, Enrich also houses Student Learning Objectives (SLOs), ELL Plans, and IEP/504 Plans.
School users with problems logging in should e-mail the district administrator for Enrich at [email protected]. New employees will be unsuccessful on their first attempt to log in. The screen will notify you that the district administrator has been notified. After that attempt, you will receive an e-mail from the district administrator indicating that your access to Enrich has been granted. If your school assignment for the current school year is different than the previous school year, please attempt to log in and then send an e-mail to the district administrator to indicate that this attempt has been made and that your assigned school has changed.
Questions related to SLOs should be directed to the Director of Evaluation. Questions related to ELL plans should be directed to ESOL staff members. Questions related to IEPs or 504s should be directed to Special Services.
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