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District Office Administration

Superintendent Glenn
Dr. Steve Glenn - Superintendent
The Superintendent serves as the face of the organization and implements the Board's vision by collaborating with faculty and staff to make all day-to-day decisions about educational programs, safety, finance, staff, and facilities. 
(864) 941 - 5422
Christi LoudenMrs. Christi Louden - Assistant Superintendent for Administration
The Assistant Superintendent for Administration is responsible for assisting the Superintendent in all administrative matters that contribute to the fulfillment of the educational philosophy of the district as it relates to providing leadership in achieving and maintaining the best possible educational program and services. 
(864) 941-5436
GaleMr. Julian Gale - Director of Support Services
The Director of Student Support Services is responsible for assisting the Assistant Superintendent in all administrative matters that contribute to the fulfillment of the educational philosophy of the district as it relates to providing leadership in achieving and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services. 
(864) 941-5412
TalbertMrs. Natalie Talbert - Director of Safety
The Director of Safety provides the school district with and assists in the administration of a school safety/security/risk management program.
(864) 941-5419
Rodney SmithMr. Rodney Smith - Assistant Superintendent for Business
The Assistant Superintendent for Business maintains a strong financial rating for District 50. A strong rating requires top fiscal recording keeping, financial solvency and overall good management of specific responsibilities.
(864) 941-5413
Mrs. Amy Bartley - Financial Director
The Financial Director is responsible for technical financial functions in the preparation, maintenance, processing and auditing of financial records or reports; assisting with cash management; and providing guidance to business department employees.
(864) 941-5404
Shealyn BarnesMrs. Shealyn Barnes - Procurement Director
The Procurement Director supervises district purchases of supplies, equipment and services within ethical and legal parameters. They provide efficient and effective purchasing and warehousing functions for the District, in accordance with the provisions of District Procurement Code. 
(864) 941-5793
StablerMrs. Amy Stabler - Director of Child Nutrition
The Director of Child Nutrition oversees all aspects of the district Child Nutrition Program. They partner with others in the school district and community to solicit support of the development of a sound nutrition assistance food program while following federal, state, and local guidelines. 
(864) 941-3471
Mrs. Adrian McDade - Assistant Director of Child NutritionAdrian McDade
The Assistant Director of Child Nutrition assist the Director of Child Nutrition Services Program in conformance with Local, State and Federal Regulations and requirements including public health and safety. Assist with menu planning, DHEC inspections, resource allocation, and organization and implementation of all nutrition programs.   Handles all responsibilities for After School programs.  Exhibits positive leadership of the district's Child Nutrition Services Program. 
(864) 941-3420
J. GravesMr. Johnathan L. Graves - Director of Communications
The Director of Communications facilities the district's internal and external communications to enhance knowledge and understanding of programs offered. 
(864) 941-5433
Zach LloydMr. Zach Lloyd - Director of Computing Services
The Director of Computing Services enable the district to utilize computing technology (hardware & software) to increase effectiveness, reduce costs, improve instruction and promote the best use of professional and support staff time for the ultimate benefit of all educational programs. 
(864) 941-5429
McMillanMrs. Lisa McMillan - Executive Director of Human Resources
The Executive Director of Human Resources supervises the operation of the Human Resources department in such a way to enhance the morale of school district personnel, promote the overall efficiency of school personnel, and maximize the educational opportunities and benefits available to each individual child. 
(864) 941-5405
Brad NicklesMr. Brad Nickles - Assistant Superintendent for Instruction 
The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction assists the Superintendent in providing leadership in developing and managing the day-to-day operations of educational programs and services for the District. They plan, develop, and implement functions related to the curriculum, instruction, and staff development to ensure each student receives the richest educational experience the district can provide. 
(864) 941-5448
CostnerDr. Charles Costner - Executive Director of Secondary Education
The Executive Director of Secondary Education ensures that each secondary school student is provided with the richest educational experience the district can provide.
(864) 941-5415
PerrinMrs. Alyson Perrin - Executive Director of Elementary Education 
The Executive Director of Elementary Education ensures that each elementary school student is provided with the richest educational experience the district can provide.
(864) 941-5465
Lori Cothern
Mrs. Lori Cothern - Director of Federal Programs 
The Director of Federal Programs is responsible for the development of federal projects, implementation of approved plans, and maintenance of approved budgets in accordance with federal, state, and local policies and guidance documents. 
(864) 941-5430
Erin WattsMrs. Erin Watts - Director of Gifted & Talented/Magnet Programs
The Director of Gifted & Talented/Magnet programs is responsible for the implementation and assessment of the Gifted/Talented and Magnet Programs for the district.
(864) 941-5412
RisingerMrs. Jenny Risinger - Director of Professional Development/Induction
The Director of Professional Development/Induction ensures that effective staff development is provided for all faculty and staff.
(864) 941-5598
Chad EvansMr. Chad Evans - Director of Evaluation
The Director of Evaluation directs an ongoing evaluation program for all employees to meet the needs of district, schools, and individuals for professional growth, provides support to assistant principals, and leads other instructional endeavors.
(864) 941-5454
Amy YoungDr. Amy Young - Director of Testing & Accountability 
The Director of Testing & Accountability is responsible for the implementation of state and district school testing programs, 4K through 12th grade and for managing tasks related to state accountability.
(864) 227-8845