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Meet Our Superintendent

In spite of the challenges presented by the pandemic crisis this school year, Greenwood School District 50 continued to help all students develop the world class skills of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate by providing high quality educational services to every student in our district! 


Our district worked hard to provide three instructional models during the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year. Parents were given the option to choose face-to-face five days a week, A/B, or virtual as the instructional models for their child. Providing our parents with three back-to-school instructional options gave our district the ability to reduce class sizes and reopen our schools safely in August. We continuously reviewed and evaluated these instructional models during the first semester to make sure they were in the best interests for all of our students. During the second semester, we eliminated our A/B model due to the demand of our face-to-face instructional model. Parents were allowed to choose either our face-to-face or virtual models during parent conferences in the Fall for the second semester. 


After the school closure in March 2020, our district created a Pandemic Safety Team which included district officials, administrators, and nurses. Our Pandemic Safety Team worked together to develop COVID-19 safety protocols and expectations that aligned with DHEC guidelines. These protocols and expectations were clearly communicated to all of our employees, parents, and community stakeholders prior to the reopening of our schools. Pandemic safety expectations included: face coverings being worn appropriately in designated areas, ordering and restocking of PPE equipment for students and staff, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting practices, and the completion of a daily health survey by employees.


Our state-of-the-art technology allowed us to make adjustments to the 2020-2021 school calendar based on the number of COVID-19 positive cases and quarantines in our district. Virtual learning days and eLearning days were utilized when there was an increase in positive cases or quarantines in the district at different periods during the year. These days provided a break in physical contact with our employees and students, but still allowed teaching and learning to continue virtually. Middle and high school students utilized their Chromebooks to access eLearning activities on Google Classroom, while elementary students accessed their lessons on SeeSaw.


In addition to serving meals to face-to-face students, our dedicated Child Nutrition staff offered free breakfasts and lunches to our virtual students during the school year. These hardworking individuals have served over 1.5 million meals since March 2020 to students and families in our district! The success of our emergency meal sites would not have been possible without the support of our school and community volunteers as well. Local churches, civic, and nonprofit organizations delivered free meals to families in our district who did not have transportation.


During the second semester, our district partnered with Self Regional Healthcare to offer COVID-19 vaccination clinics to our employees and students. Over 500 employees participated in our first vaccination clinic offered on March 12, 2021 at Self Regional Healthcare's Support Services Center.


In May 2021, Self Regional Healthcare offered COVID-19 vaccination clinics to our high school students at Emerald and Greenwood High Schools. Students ages 12 and up were required to have parental consent in order to receive the vaccine at their high school. We are very appreciative that Self Regional Healthcare continues to work with us to ensure the health and wellness of our students and staff.


We are excited about the launch of a new Medical Magnet at Northside Middle School. The Medical Magnet program will introduce students to the field of health sciences through a rigorous academic program. The authentic experiences provided in this program will be made possible through medical partnerships and intensive classroom instruction. The program will also offer middle school students the opportunity to explore a variety of careers available in the medical field. The early exposure to medical sciences will begin to prepare our students academically to become healthcare professionals in the future. 


On August 14, 2020 our district held a dedication ceremony to officially rename one of our elementary schools in honor of minister, educator, and civil rights activist Dr. Benjamin E. Mays. Dr. Mays was a native of Greenwood County who had a tremendous impact on leaders in our community, state, and nation. Dr. Benjamin E. Mays Elementary School’s students and staff are following in the footsteps of one of the greatest men our community has ever produced. Our district takes pride in the fact that Mays Elementary is creating world class leaders who are ready to accomplish great things now and in the future! 


While we are extremely proud of our accomplishments this year, we approach the year ahead with a renewed sense of dedication and resolve. We truly believe the global pandemic crisis  has made Greenwood stronger as a school district and community. We look forward to continuing to work with our community to produce college and career ready graduates for a 21st century workforce!



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