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Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Greenwood School District 50 encourages the public to submit informal requests for information and documents to the Communications Department. The requests will be considered public records in accordance with the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) found in the South Carolina Code of Laws, Title 30 — Public Records, Chapter 4.

The FOIA provides the public with access to a public agency’s existing records that are not subject to an exemption under the law. Section 30-4-20(c) of the FOIA defines a “public record” as “all books, papers, maps, photographs, cards, tapes, recordings, or other documentary materials regardless of physical form or characteristics prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by a public body.”

Certain categories of documents such as personnel records; student records; tests and examinations used to evaluate student or employee performance; records relating to the security of students, staff, or property; records protected from disclosure under attorney-client privilege; and executive session materials are exempt from disclosure under Section 30-4-40.
Please note that South Carolina law (FOIA Section 30-4-50) prohibits the obtaining or use of public records for commercial solicitation.


All requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) must be submitted in writing by email or by letter to Greenwood School District 50, P.O. Box 248, Greenwood, SC 29648.

Required information

Please include all information listed below in the FOIA request:

  • Your full name
  • Full address including street, city, state and zip code
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • A detailed description of the public records you are requesting
  • Date of request
  • Organization
  • Signed statement that the information will not be used for commercial solicitation
  • Justification if requesting reduction in or waiver of fees


Fee Schedule

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, for current records, the district has 10 business days (excluding weekends and legal public holidays) to determine if the record requested is publicly available under the FOIA. Following notification of the determination to the person making the request, or, if a deposit has been requested and has been paid, the district then has 30 calendar days to actually produce the records responding to the FOIA request. 

For records that are more than 24 months old, the district has 20 business days (excluding weekends and legal public holidays) to determine if the information requested is publicly available and 35 calendar days after notifying the requester of its determination or, after a requested deposit has been paid, to actually produce the records. 

All deadlines may be extended by mutual agreement of the requester and the district and this agreement shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The law does not require the district to generate or create records that do not exist.