Greenwood School District 50 Implements Cell Phone Policy to Enhance Learning Environment

Greenwood School District 50 has announced the implementation of a new school board policy banning the use of cell phones during school hours. This decision, effective from the start of the upcoming academic year, aims to foster a more focused and productive learning environment for all students.

The policy prohibits the use of cell phones from the moment students arrive on campus until the end of the school day. Exceptions will be made only for medical reasons. Students will be allowed to use their cell phones after school hours to make arrangements for transportation and extracurricular activities. Cell phone use will also be allowed on the school bus provided it does not interfere with the normal operation of the bus.

School Board Trustee, Clay Sprouse stated: “Our goal is to always strive to minimize distractions to enhance the learning inside our schools. By limiting cell phone use, we hope to reduce distractions and encourage more face-to-face interactions among our students and staff."

The decision comes after the district and Board of Trustees received positive feedback from a students, parent, and teacher survey that was conducted earlier in the Spring. Administrators also shared their experiences with cell phones in schools during a Board Policy committee meeting that was held on June 5th.  

Key Points of the New Policy:

  • Students are permitted to bring their cell phones to school, but they must be turned off and stored in their backpacks or designated areas during school hours. Students will NOT be provided a pouch as previously reported.
  • Use of cell phones is permitted before and after school, as well as during extracurricular activities outside regular school hours.
  • Violations of the policy will result in consequences outlined in the district’s Student Rights and Responsibilities handbook. 

District 50 recognizes that communication with parents is crucial. Therefore, in case of emergencies, parents can contact the school office, and messages will be relayed to students. Students will also be permitted to use school phones if needed to contact their parents or guardians.

Board Chairperson Danielle Fields expressed confidence in the positive impact of this policy. "We believe that by taking this step, we are investing in our students' academic success and well-being. This policy is part of our ongoing commitment to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.