D50 Announces Relocation of Montessori Program to Rice Elementary School

Greenwood School District 50 recently announced the relocation of the Montessori program to Rice Elementary School for the 2024-2025 school year. Montessori parents received a letter in late October informing them of the relocation.

“This relocation will provide students opportunities and resources they deserve,” Superintendent Dr. Steve Glenn stated in the parent letter. “At Rice Elementary, Montessori students will have access to full-time related arts teachers, as well as a full-time school counselor and media specialist.” 

Acceptance into the Montessori program will continue to be lottery based. Siblings of Montessori students will be allowed to request an in-district transfer in order to attend Rice Elementary if needed. 

“This relocation also allows Greenwood 50 to meet federal comparability standards and continue to receive federal funds that benefit our students,” Dr. Glenn said. “We look forward to this upcoming transition and the opportunities that it will provide our students and staff.”