D50 Waives Tuition Fee for Out-of-District Students for the 2022-2023 School Year

At the June Board meeting, Greenwood School District 50’s Board of Trustees voted to waive tuition fees for out-of-district students beginning with the 2022-2023 school year. Prior to the upcoming school year, District 50 had been charging out-of-district students $2700 per year for tuition if they did not meet one of the exemption reasons stated in Board Policies JFAB & AR JFAB-R. The revisions voted on at the June Board meeting eliminates the tuition fee which had been in place for several years. 

“Of course if our schools are overflowing we will not take students from out-of-district,” Superintendent Steve Glenn explained to Board members at the meeting. “As long as we’re not overflowing, it’s a good move for our district. It allows us to have an opportunity to let some kids come into our district to receive more opportunities than they may receive in other districts.” 

Dr. Glenn reiterated to Board members during the meeting that enrolling out-of-district students  will always be based on the availability within the district’s schools. 

“This has been my brainchild from the beginning and something that I really wanted to see happen,” Dr. Glenn stated. “We want to try and increase our enrollment so we can keep all of our teachers working.”