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Staff Safety

We feel very strongly about the safety and well being of our staff and students during this time.  We have implemented guidelines to help you and our students remain healthy.  We have given parents three back to school instructional options for their children that will enable us to reduce class sizes. We are following the guidelines from the CDC/DHEC for social distancing.


We are providing face shields, face coverings, gloves, and disposable gowns to wear over your clothes for any staff member.  (If you would rather provide your own that is acceptable.)


Scrubs may be worn if you feel more comfortable in scrubs. Plexiglas dividers are being bought to put on tables where teachers work with small groups of students. If anyone (staff or student) has Covid-19, DHEC guidelines will be followed.  This means all teachers must be trained and know how to teach virtually.


PPE equipment that we currently have or have ordered includes: Mask-type face coverings, face shields, hand-sanitizers, hand-sanitizer stations, cleaning products, disposable gowns, alcohol wipes, gloves, cleaning rags, electrostatic wands, Plexiglas dividers, and foggers. 


Please contact your principal or supervisor if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions on other safety measures that we can implement to protect you and your students. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work together to reopen our schools next month!