D50 Announces Sign On/Retention Bonus for Current and New Employees

The amount of the bonus will be based on whether an employee is certified ($2,500) or non-certified ($1,000).

“After seeing other districts around us announce signing and resigning bonuses, we’re excited to offer this incentive to folks in D50,” Dr. Glenn stated. “We want to take care of our people and keep them happy. This is a reward for the employees who have been with us who will continue to stay with us and hopefully a way to recruit new employees to our district.”

The sign on/retention bonus will be given in a separate check on September 15,  2023 and it will have taxes taken out. In order to receive the bonus, employees must work for Greenwood School District 50 full-time and be employed by D50 on September 1, 2023. The bonus includes active retirees, but excludes contract employees who are not employed by the district.