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Mid-Year Graduation Offers Students an Early Start to Future Success


On Thursday, January 9th,  80 graduates from Emerald and Greenwood High School participated in Mid-Year Graduation Exercises at Emerald High School’s gymnasium.

Beginning in 2003, Greenwood School District 50 has offered the opportunity to high school seniors to participated in the Mid-Year Graduation. Students are required to write letters stating the reasons for receiving their diplomas early. A total of over 1,400 students have participated in the Mid-Year Graduation since its inception in 2003.

“I hope tonight will be the start of lives that are productive and satisfying for all of you,” Board of Trustees Chairman David Trent stated. “Make sure to use the knowledge you have gained in our school district for the betterment of yourself and others.”

“The sky is truly the limit for this class of mid-year graduates,” Superintendent Steve Glenn said during his closing remarks. “The future is in your hands. Don’t let tonight be your ending. Make the most of every opportunity, conquer all of your challenges, and reach your full potential by pouring it all in!