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Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union to launch student-run branch inside of Greenwood High School

s By: Samantha Byrd (Greenwood Municipal FCU)

Greenwood, SC- Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union (GMFCU) and Greenwood High School plan to launch a student run credit union branch inside the high school during the 2020-2021 school year. This initiative brings real world financial literacy and education into the school and allows students enrolled at Greenwood High, to gain real- life experience and preparation for both college and future careers. Students will earn course credit and gain hands on experience as they manage and operate a fully functioning Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union branch.

“This unique partnership between our Credit Union, Greenwood County Schools and Greenwood High further solidifies our commitment to our founding organization and our core values,” GMFCU Marketing/Business Specialist Samantha Byrd stated. “We believe financial literacy and personal financial management are important life skills that will benefit these students well into their futures, and we are thrilled to launch this exciting program.”

Greenwood High and the Credit Union will interview and select the students who will work alongside a teacher leading the student-run branch. The students will receive in-depth training during the summer to prepare them for operating The Branch at Greenwood High. At the completion of the summer-long training, students will be capable of not only handling cash and opening new accounts, but also implementing growth strategies through a marketing plan developed by the students.

“At Greenwood High we seek to provide students with authentic experiences in their classrooms and in our community so that they are receiving more than just a high school diploma,” GHS Principal Chad Evans said. “Through this partnership with Greenwood District 50, we will establish The Branch at Greenwood High, and will be able to provide the most authentic training experience available. The opportunity for the students to be trained as Credit Union employees and to gain real-world preparation in a professional environment is priceless. With the operation of The Branch during the school day (lunch hours), the entire student body will have an opportunity to learn and practice personal financial management skills.”