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D50 Announces Partnership with Gaggle

Gaggle Greenwood School District 50 announced today a partnership with Gaggle, the leader in assisting K-12 districts with managing student safety on district-provided technology. District 50 plans to launch Gaggle services in December. 

“Our district realizes that Google and Microsoft are powerful learning tools, but safety must be considered with all of these tools,” Superintendent Steve Glenn stated. “Our partnership with Gaggle will assist in protecting our students, avoiding tragedies, and potentially saving lives. Our number one priority is to help schools in our district create safe learning environments that will positively impact students.” 

Gaggle is a safety management system that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and highly trained safety experts to provide real-time analysis and monitoring of G-Suite for Education tools for all students. G-Suite for Education tools in District 50 include: Student email accounts, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Google Hangouts. Gaggle monitors and analyzes intentions of: 

  • Drug and Alcohol use
  • Violence
  • Sexual content
  • Self harm
  • Hate speech
  • Pornography

Gaggle operates 24/7 and will provide information via email and phone to district officials and school administrators if there is imminent danger. 

“We are focused on preventing tragedies by proactively identifying students and supporting those who may be struggling socially or personally,” District Safety Officer Natalie Talbert stated. “Our partnership with Gaggle will protect our students and also encourage them to become responsible digital students.” 

District 50’s partnership with Gaggle comes prior to the high school students being allowed to receive emails from outside sources on December 2nd. High school students will have access to communicate with colleges and universities, SAT/ACT, VirtualSC and other contacts to become more college and career ready.