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EHS & GHS AP CSP Students Pass the College Board AP Exam


Congratulations to all of the Emerald and Greenwood High School students in the AP (Advanced Placement) CSP (Computer Science Principles) class for passing the College Board AP exam!  AP CSP was launched by College Board in 2016 to be accessible to computing novices.  It introduces students to the foundational concepts of the field and challenges them to explore how computing and technology can impact the world.  This is the first year that Greenwood 50 offered AP CSP.  In the picture above (left to right):

Patrick Smathers, Maddux Rhodes, Trenton Burroughs, Mitchell Gabriel, Madison Salter, John Turner, Ashby Elliot, Brooke Ruhoff, Johnathon Rice, Brady Bagwell, Ted Jenks (instructor), Griffin Newbold, Matthew Hines, David Prince, Justin Mathis, Jasmine Creswell, Stokes Cromer, Juan Mariscal.  Not pictured: Jonathan Hines, Michael McLeod, and Marcus Watson.