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A Whale of a Debate at Rice Elementary

Gifted and Talented 4th graders in Mrs. Cindy Hamlett's class at Rice Elementary have had a "whale" of a debate during the 3rd nine weeks.   
After extensive research, students determined whether they were for or against whaling. Once they decided which side of the issue they were on, students wrote a persuasive paragraph to argue their position. 
With Mrs. Hamlett's help, students posted their paragraphs and fun whale facts to the wall outside of their classroom to involve the school in the debate. A stuffed whale named Wally also hangs above all of their work on the project. 
Students have taken the project a step further with the adoption of a whale on savethewhales.org. The choice of the adopted whale will be left up to a school-wide vote that will be conducted by Mrs. Hamlett's GT students! 
Picture caption: Left to right: Rice GT Teacher Cindy Hamlett stands with GT 4th graders Ansley Higginbotham, Stephen Raines Fox, Jermaine Hackett, and Matthew Jenkins