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    ~~~ Welcome to the 7th Science website! 

    ~~~ Don't forget!! Homework Monday through Friday can be accessed online by having your student open their classroom and show you the assignments!  If your child is unavailable, you may click this link to see today's HOMEWORK! (remember to check Google Classroom Slides for any updates or changes!)  
    **  Homework Standards Sheets will be given to students on Monday.  This is a sheet with 10-20 questions based on our units and the SC Academic Standards.  Students will turn in their answers to the questions on Fridays. 
    ~~~ Friday's homework is always your idea to share the standard and adds extra credit!!     Be a "weekend warrior". Hard work really does pay off !!  
    Several of these weekend assignments are letters to the parent!     ;o)
    ~~~ Your student should be able to tell you exactly what we are doing in Science.  You can check out the links to the left, check out the syllabus link to the left, and also check out their current work and assignments on their up and coming Google Sites!   You would be very surprised to see their work there and hear their comments!  Have them show your our GoogleClassroom link, also!  It gives them the all assignments, notes, and information!