• Welcome to Gateway to Technology-A STEM based program at Westview.
    I am so excited to be a part of this program and to be part of preparing children for the future!
    I have been at Westview since 2005 and have been a part of the STEM program since its birth.
    Currently the program, Gateway to Engineering, offers 6 units from grades 6-8.
    These units include:
    6th:  Design and Modeling and Science of Technology;
    7th: Magic of Electrons and Automation and Robotics;
    8th: Energy and the Environment and Space and Flight.
    I am a native of Greenwood. I have one son, 16, whom I currently home school.
    I graduated from Lander in 1991 with a degree in elementary education. I taught 4th grade at East End Elementary from 1996-2002. I also taught at Springfield Elementary in third grade (2002-2004) and second grade (2004-2005). In 2005, after receiving my masters in instructional technology, I moved to Westview to teach the related arts engineering classes offered at the time. Since then, I have attended numerous training events through Project Lead the Way at the University of South Carolina so I may teach the Gateway to Engineering classes.
    I also am highly qualified to teach middle school science and teach both 8th grade science classes.



    Email Address: ouztsn@gwd50.org