AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.
    AVID Mission Statement

     AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

     AVID Core Beliefs


    AVID Students...

    ·        Will succeed in rigorous curriculum

    ·        Will enter mainstream activities of the school

    ·        Will increase enrollment in four-year colleges

    ·        Will become educated and responsible

    ·        Will participate and lead in a democratic society


    AVID Program

       The AVID program is a choice option for students who attend Greenwood School District 50.   The intent of the AVID Program is to create a college readiness culture for the “middle student” who may have academic potential but experiences barriers that may prevent the student from fully reaching their academic potential. The three main components of the program are academic instruction, tutorial support, and motivational activities. 

       All AVID students will receive accelerated  instruction in English language arts and mathematics. State curriculum standards will be taught via rigorous instruction, in all four core academic classes.   Students will also participate daily in the AVID elective class. During the yearlong AVID elective class students will focus on Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading (WICOR). Time will also be spent growing organizational and leadership skills. Students will be required to use the AVID binder (Knight’s Pride Binder) and Cornell Notes as organizational tools.  Curriculum includes state academic standards and extensive activities in areas of English language arts and math. All AVID teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators will receive specialized training for the program.


    AVID Program Policies


         The AVID Program exists to provide students an opportunity to develop their academic skills in an environment which enhances writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. AVID students will explore their interests, grow academically, and develop leadership skills through a variety of engaging experiences. Rising sixth graders will be given an opportunity to apply and interview for AVID. Participation in the AVID program goes beyond the services provided within the regular school program and allows students maximum opportunities to achieve their potential.  Students participating in AVID are taught with a curriculum that reflects acceleration and enrichment in specific disciplines. Students who accept invitations to join the AVID Program are expected to maintain above average grades, have good attendance, and demonstrate positive school behavior. Expectations for student achievement are rigorous. 


    Can students be removed from the AVID Program?


         Removal from the AVID program is defined as discontinuing the participation of a student in the program. Though it is highly discouraged, removing students who qualified and entered the AVID program is possible. The Director of the AVID Program plays an integral part in determining the manner in which a request of this nature occurs. Parents may make a request to terminate a student’s participation in the AVID Program or the need may arise when the Director must remove a student from the program. Prior to removal from the AVID program by the director, a student must be placed on probation. Students who receive below a C in any core class, during the interim or report card grading period will be placed on academic probation until the grade is at or above a C. During this probationary period there is a critical examination of student performance followed by prescribed interventions for a determined period of time while the student remains in the program. Both probation and removal require appropriate counseling with the student and documented conferences with the student, the student’s parents, and teachers. Records of any assessments, evaluative measures, and other relevant student information must be maintained in a confidential manner. If these interventions are not successful, the next step includes a removal meeting with the parents, student, and teachers.


    What infractions necessitate that the AVID Director will instigate removal procedures?


    1. A low grade point average with lack of effort may initiate removal from the program.


    2. Continual disruption of the learning process and unwillingness to follow rules can necessitate removal from the program. Student will be placed on disciplinary probation when an Out of School Suspension occurs.


    3. Failure to adhere to the South Carolina attendance policy will necessitate a written attendance intervention plan which must be followed or removal from AVID will occur.


    4. A student’s social, emotional, and physical health is a factor which may necessitate removal from the program


    Procedures prior to removal by the Director:


    1. The student must complete a minimum of one grading period in AVID in which performance has not been acceptable to parents and teachers. Performance is defined as low academic grades, discipline and behavioral concerns, or excessive tardies and absences to school.


    2. Regular communication is conducted and documented between student, teachers, and parents throughout the grading period.


    3. Specific strategies for supporting and improving student performance have been implemented and monitored by the student, parents, and teachers.


    4. General counseling to support the student has been provided regularly by the school’s guidance counselor.


    5. If limited or no improvement occurs following all steps, the Director will request a meeting with the students, parents, teachers, and counselor and removal of student from the program will occur.


    6. If a student has below 77 in any core academic class on interim report(s), student and parent contact will be documented and intervention strategies will be put in place to assist the student in improving the grade.


    7. An academic probation conference will be held at the nine weeks grading period if a student has below 77 in any core academic class and intervention strategies will be put in place to assist the student in improving the grade.



    Procedures for removal of a student by a parent:


         If the true intent of the AVID Program is to create a college ready student then the expectation is that a student will remain in the AVID middle school program for the entire middle school experience, three years. Each spring, students in the AVID Program and their parents are asked to sign a letter of commitment to document their wish to remain in the program for the upcoming school year. If a parent wishes to remove his/her child from the AVID Program at a time other than the end of the school year, the parent should request this in writing  specifying the reasons for the request and this letter should be given to the AVID Director. The Director will act upon the request following a meeting with the parents.   











    Cyndi Storer, Principal – storerc@gwd50.org

    Felicia Cartledge, Assistant Principal – cartledgef@gwd50.org

    Farrell Thomas, Instructional Specialist – thomasf@gwd50.org

    Kelly Glanton, Guidance – glantonk@gwd50.org

    Laura Bentley, AVID Elective Teacher, bentleyl@gwd50.org

    Susan Billen, AVID Teacher, ELA – billens@gwd50.org

    Elizabeth Kellner, AVID Teacher, English 1 – kellnere@gwd50.org  

    Wendy Sargent, AVID Teacher, Algebra I – sargentw@gwd50.org 

    Neal Hudson, AVID Teacher, Social Studies – hudsonn@gwd50.org

    Andrea Taylor, AVID Teacher, Mathematics – taylora@gwd50.org

    Jeneen Webb, AVID Teacher, Science and AVID Elective – webbj@gwd50.org

    Bain Vaughn, Guidance – vaughnb@gwd50.org

    Cathy Chalmers, AVID District Director – chalmersc@gwd50.org

    Beth L. Taylor, Ph.D., Director of Secondary Education - taylorbl@gwd50.org


    AVID Academic Classes

    English Language Arts



    Social Studies


     AVID Exploratory Classes

    AVID Elective


    Business Computer Applications


    Physical Education



    Students will receive daily instruction in all academic classes, the AVID elective class, and one exploratory rotation.


    The AVID school day starts at 7:45 AM. Students are expected to be in class ready for instruction.  For students that required the shuttle bus option, the school day will end at 3:05 PM. All other students will remain in the class for instruction and will be dismissed at 3:20 PM. All AVID car riders will pick up in the front of the school beginning at 3:20 PM.


    Sample Schedule of the AVID Elective Class







    AVID Curriculum


    AVID Curriculum


    Binder Checks, Speakers

    Fieldtrips, Motivational    Activities

    We are thrilled to welcome your child to the AVID program and look forward to working with them as they build the foundation for their future.


    Knights Pride Notebook


    The purpose of our Knights Pride Notebooks is to teach responsibility and organization skills. All basic supplies are included in the notebook, which may be purchased at orientation for $25.00. We hope this will be a convenience for parents and help you avoid having to shop for school supplies, while providing exactly what your child needs.


    NOTEBOOKS include:


    Nylon pencil pouch with:

    1 12-pk colored pencils

    2 glue sticks

    1 yellow highlighter

    2 black pens

    6 #2 pencils

    2 3” x3” post-it note pads

    1 vinyl eraser

    1 protractor


    1 student agenda

    2 packs 8 tab notebook dividers

    1 pkg. 150 sheets college rule notebook paper


    Below are some guidelines that can help parents reinforce these skills:  


    ·           Each notebook will have an agenda in the front. This agenda contains our student handbook, a page used for hall passes, and pages for homework assignments.

    ·           Divider tabs are used for each subject area, related arts and school information.

    ·           All student assignments should be labeled in the top, right-hand corner in the following manner:






    ·           Students must take the Knights Pride notebook to each class.

    ·           The agenda should have something written beside each class every day. If there is no homework students are instructed to write something they learned that day.

    Teacher Wish List for Classrooms


    During the year, we use lots of the items below and would love to have any that you would like to donate: Boxes of tissue, paper towels, hand sanitizer, packs of copy paper, dry erase markers, index cards, colored pencils, and # 2 pencils


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