Hello and welcome to my website! 

    I want to tell you a little about myself and the class. 

    Shannon Owensby
    864-941-5500 ext. 6220
    Shannon Owensby

         I have been a teacher in Greenwood Dist.50 for the past 25 years.  I have taught grades 4 through 7.  I believe that all children are capable of doing great things.  (Sometimes we just have to convince them of that!)

        As a language arts teacher, I want my students to understand the connections between reading and writing and learn to love both.   We will be working on those two areas this year in language arts--skills and appreciation. 

          Social studies is an exciting class this year for both sixth and seventh grades.  The sixth grade students will learn about ancient civilizations up through the 1600's.  The seventh grade students will learn about the world from the 1600's to the present. We will be using technology and text to gather information.  We will use skits, illustrations, study guides and tests to assess what has been learned.  Study notes will be created and sent home prior to each test.  Students will have at least two days to prepare for a test.  I hope they share with you all of the "cool" new things they learn!

          The students need a composition notebook and two two pocket folders for class.  Earbuds are needed for internet research so that students may watch videos. :) 


    http://www.mrdonn.org (A great site to support 6th grade social studies lessons!)


    *You may access your child's grades on Parent Portal.  If you haven' t signed up yet, come into the Guidance Office and they will get you set up!     *ACTS students must maintain a grade average of 75 or higher.  An average below 75 results in academic probation.                   
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