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    Hello, I am the Physical Education teacher for Brewer Middle School.  I graduated from Lander University and received my masters from Clemson University, but it must be known that I am a huge South Carolina Gamecock fan! I am married to Renee and have three children. I enjoy fishing , sports and vacations. I want to welcome you to my web page.  Please be familar with the following information.
    1.  Respect yourself, others and the equipment.
    2.  Students must participate.
    3.  Students are required to "dress out" in appropriate physical education attire. (tee shirt, sweat shirt, shorts and/or sweat pants and tennis shoes)
    4.  Students Rights' and Responsibilities Handbook will be followed.
    CLASS CONTENT: Physical Education class will consist of various physical activities, discussion of Health/Nutrition related topics, FITNESSGRAM assessment and proper warm-ups and cool-down procedures.
    Grades will be based on participation, FITNESSGRAM assessment and written tests.  Failure to dress out and/or participate will result in immediate subtraction of 2 points from the 9 week grade, an additional 2 points will also be subtracted for not completing the written assignment during the class period.
    941-5500 X 6707
Last Modified on August 26, 2016