• SASI/PowerSchool Transition
    The transition from SASI to PowerSchool will begin on 2/17/10 through 3/24/10.  It is important that during that time you remember to:
    1)  All data must be entered in SASI for the 135th data extract to SCDE that will occur on 3/24.
    2) During this transition period schools will be entering data from 12/17/09 to current from SASI into PowerSchool.  The priority of entering the data is important for school functions to be maintained.  The following are the priority and time frames data must be entered:
    a)  Enrollments/withdrawals - Immediate
    b) Scheduling Changes
    c)  Discipline (including only the 7 deadly sins, truancy, suspensions, and explusions, and any other discipline offences that wouuld impact the school/district)
    d)  Attendance
    e) Report card grades from Q1, Q2 and S1.  (Grades must be moved into historical grades within 30 days or PowerSchool will delete them)
    f)  State Discipline Incident Sequence Numbers from SASI for all discipline reported in UMIRS.
    f)  Other comment logs
    g) Other changes
    3)  On 3/8, error checking of SASI will begin for the 135th day. 
    4) As of the close of business on March 24th, no data will be entered into SASI.  As of March 25th, all data will be maintained in PowerSchool only. 
    5)  All data that was entered in SASI from 12/18 - 3/24 must be re-keyed into PowerSchool prior to the ending of the school year.  The 180 data extract to SCDE will be coming from PowerSchool.  
Last Modified on May 16, 2008