• Mission Statement:
    The mission of Greenwood School District 50 is to educate, empower, and enable all students to achieve personal excellence in a global society.
    Vision Statement:
    To prepare today's students for tomorrow's opportunities.
    Statements of Belief:
    • Children are our greatest resource.
    • Children learn best when basic human needs are satisfied.
    • Education is the shared responsibility of students, families, schools, and the entire community working together.
    • Parents and caring adults are essential in ensuring that our children achieve educational success.
    • Everyone is entitled to respect, encouragement, a safe and nurturing environment, and appropriate education facilities.
    • All students deserve a quality educational experience where differences are recognized, respected, and addressed.
    • All students learn best with quality instruction, appropriate support services, and high expectations.
    • Dedicated, highly qualified, and highly effective teachers are essential for educational success.
    • All employees of our district are valuable assets in educating all children.
    • Learning is a lifelong process that improves quality of life.