• Homecoming Week 2018
    September 17 - 21

    Homecoming at GHS is a great week where each class has the opportunity to show their school spirit and creativity. Many former students remember getting ready for Homecoming and the time spent with their classmates as some of the best memories of high school. This year, decorating the courtyard was pushed back one day for each class. But neither wind, nor rain nor Hurricane Florence stops Homecoming at GHS.

     A very big thank-you to the teachers and parents who volunteered their time, homes and businesses for the classes to use:  Harris Baptist and NewSpring churches, Always Best Care Senior Services, Uptown Senior, and the Whitt, George, Garner and Ramey families. It could not have been done without all of you being brave enough to let a bunch of teenagers show up and paint at your place! 

    With only two weeks to prepare, the freshmen put the courtyard “Under Construction” Tuesday morning. Even with the disappointment of not having a backhoe in their display, the newcomers to GHS showed great potential with their working courtyard!

     “Homecoming in Hollywood” starred the sophomore class on Wednesday and they showed that they learned what homecoming was all about last year. They had great participation with several movies stars and big shot Hollywood executives on campus.

    Almost every GHS sport had representation Thursday morning with “Juniors in Jerseys.” Lee Corso picked the Eagles to win the game and the juniors picked…well, the juniors picked the juniors to win.

    The seniors had “Throwback Thursday” on Friday and rocked the courtyard with peace signs, a diner, an old Chevy and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    It is a privilege for Greenwood High school to donate over 700 cans of food to the Greenwood Food Bank. The Senior class collected the most cans with 295. The community service component is 25% of the Homecoming competition.

    There were 300 possible points in this year’s competition.

    And the results of the class competition are:

    • 3rd Runner up  -- with  178  points is the Sophomore class.   
    • 2nd Runner up – with 228.4  points is the Freshmen class.
    • 1st Runner up—with 241 points is the Senior class

     And the winning class of Homecoming 2018 is the Junior class with 278 points.


Last Modified on September 25, 2018