• What to expect for ACTS Auditions

    (For specific audition pieces click on links to the left. )

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    Audition times will be assigned based on art area and take place on February 8, 2020. Students auditioning for two arts areas may receive two separate times. (Specific times should arrive to mailing address.)

    Arrive at Brewer Middle School 30 minutes prior to audition time. 

    Bring card/paper with your audition appointment time. 

    Check-in will take place in the Commons Area. The student will receive his/her audition number. All paperwork and letters must be complete in order to audition. 

    Students will be expected to complete a writing prompt on-site after their scheduled audition. All materials will be provided.

    Parents will not be allowed in audition areas but are welcome to remain on campus in the designated waiting area.

    Each art form has specific criteria. Please consult the table below: 





    Visual Art

    * Do not wear dance attire such as leotards, dance shoes etc. 

    * Do not wear baggy shirts as the judges can not assess alignment.

    * Do wear fitness attire. Be prepared to dance barefoot. 

    * Hair needs to be worn up away from the face. 

    * Study online routine prior to the audition

    *Wear dark colored attire that allows full range of movement. 

    *Monologue Audition - Select one of the monologues provided. Memorize and rehearse to perform for the audition.

    *Improvisation Audition - Students will be expected to improvise a given situation/ scene with an assigned group during their audition time.

    *Wear something within dress code that makes you feel proud.

    *Students will not prepare a piece for this audition.  

    *Be prepared to clap rhythms (quarter, half, and eighth notes), match pitch, identify high and low pitch

    *Wear something within dress code that makes you feel proud.

    *Voice Audition- Prepare to sing one of the two songs allowed for the voice audition. Click on the link to the left "Voice Auditions"

    *Voice Audition- Rehearse the warm-up recordings also found by clicking on the link to the left, "Voice Auditions"

    *Students trying out for visual art can expect to draw a still life from observation on-site during the audition. 

    *Students can also expect to complete a drawing on site that highlights the student’s creativity. 

    *All materials will be supplied.