• Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies!


    Parents/Guardians, PLEASE make sure you are on the parent portal.  This is the first and best line of communication.  I strive to get assignments and grades entered in a timely manner so you can see how your child is doing and make any necessary changes to their routine to make sure they are at their peak performance. 

    My second best line of communication is email (Cinij@gwd50.org).  It is quick, simple, and I can send notifications to multiple people at once.  Aside from a parent/teacher conference, the phone is another way to stay in contact.  Please keep in mind that I will not be able to take calls during the day while I have students and it will take a little longer to return the call if it is a long distance number.



    Students will be expected to complete their work during class.  If they get a poor grade on their class assignment, most times they will have the opportunity to correct or redo the assignment for a better grade.



    I do not believe in overloading students with homework.  Most of time their homework will be to study.  They should spend 10-20 minutes going over their classwork every night.  Students should NEVER say they do not have any homework!  They should also be completing or correcting their classwork at home as needed so they can turn it back in for a better grade.


    Late work:

    If a student is absent, their work is due the day they return to school and it will not be considered late.  Late work will lose 1 letter grade per day that it is late.  After 5 days, it becomes a 0.


    Extra credit:  

    None.  Students will only be given extra credit work (at the teacher's discretion) IF all of their regular work has been completed and turned in.