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    Welcome to our class. I am proud to be a Viking. This is my second year at Emerald and I am honored to be your teacher. Together we will Learn, Connect, and Explore the joy of Mathematics. This year I am Teaching Algebra and Foundations in Algebra Classes. I would like to begin with a simple question.

    What is two multiplied by two. You know the answer, but can you tell me how long it took you to learn the answer four? No one can, you see it does not matter how long it takes you to learn a concept. Once you learn something no one can take the knowledge away. At EHS our mascot is a Viking. Our Viking ARMOR consist of Academics, Respect, Manors, Organization, and Responsibility.  Your Viking ARMOR are leadership qualities which will serve as a means of success.

     Success begins each day in class. We have two text books we will use all year. The first is Algebra Nation, and the second is an electronic book My.hrw. Each of these text has an on line component. Additionally, we have a Goggle Classroom portal. Your access code will be provided the first day of class. Next semester you may change classes depending upon if you have a block or period schedule. Should your schedule change you will need to enroll in that Goggle Classroom using their specific access code. Remember communication is the key to your success in each class.

    All students are encouraged to participate in curriculum conversations. Algebra Nation has tutorials which reviews each lesson. The assignments are self-paced so you will need ear buds that plug into your chrome book. We sit in groups of three so your ear buds will allow each student to work independently respecting your classmates allowing them to work without disruption. I do not have assigned seat unless there is a behavior issue. When I do not have bus duty I remain after school until 4:00pm should you need help understanding a concept. When you miss class check Google classroom.


    Each day I post on Goggle Classroom. Here you will find announcements, assignments, and tutorials to help you in class. Please pay attention to the deadlines submitting all work promptly. Each morning there will be a bell ring posted on the white board. When you arrive in class you need to begin each task daily. We will be using a digital notebook where you will keep all assignments. After roll I typically have a lecture and we review previous assignments before moving ahead. Worksheets, quizzes and test will be in an electronic format. Your digital notebook will help with organization. There is a bell ringer page, a c-notes page, a graphic organizer page, and an exit ticket page. Exit tickets are homework assignments. Note books are checked weekly.

    Let’s review your Viking ARMOR. Academics- our course will help you succeed in school. Respect- you are expected to be respectful in class. Manors- are a courtesy everyone is expected to maintain. Organization- your digital notebook will organize all assignments. Responsibility- we are each obligated to participate in our education. If you need help with a concept it is you’re responsibly to communicate. Communication is the key to your success in each class, at EHC, and in life.