• Lander Bearcats "Be the best you that you can be."

    That's a message that I will share often this year with the students that I have for my computer applications classes at Brewer.  My goal in the classes is to help your student develop skills that will unlock their future in our ever-changing world of technology.

    I graduated from Lander University with a degree in Business Administration with minors in Economics and Finance.  I also have my Masters from Erskine.  Last year, both of my alma maters went undefeated in football and, this year, there is a high probablity that both schools will do that again.

    The following are our targets for both BCA and IBA classes this year:

    • Proficency in typing.  The goals are 20 word per minute (WPM) for 6th garders, 25 WPM for 7th graders and 30 WPM for 8th graders.
    • Computer Literacy.  The goal is that students will be able to recognize the basic parts of a computer and diagnose and solve some computer issues.
    • Microsoft Office.  Projects in Microsoft Office products will serve as the backdrop for the class.  Students will complete a group project at the end of the 9 weeks that involves the products that have been used in class.

    You may contact me in one of two ways: (1) my email is lolliss@gwd50.org and (2) you may call me at the school, 941-5400, and leave a message.