• Mr. Lollis

    Courses:  Integrated Business Applications (8th Grade), Fundamentals of Computing A (7th grade) 


    Lander I am now in my third year of teaching at Brewer Middle School and could not imagine being anywhere else. Prior to working in education, I worked as a journalist, in public relations and in non-profit organizations. In addition, I've helped a number of individuals and businesses develop web pages.

    My undergraduate degree (business, economics and finance) is from Lander University.  My masters degree is from Erskine College.

    I also enjoy seeing my students laugh and have fun when we find ways to learn and to bring some healthy competetiion into the classroom.

    IBA (Integrated Business Applications) - 8th Grade

    This is the last year that this course will be taught. Next year, this becomes the second half of the coding class that started with our 7th graders. In this class, we will work with some programs that are used in business (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.)

    Fundamentals of Computing A - 7th Grade

    Starting with this year's 7th graders, all future high school graduates in South Carolina are going to be required to have two semesters of coding. It's now listed as a requirement online. We are working to address that requirement in middle school. FOC A is a required course and as part of this course, students will learn about critical thinking and problem solving. The goal is for students to be able to create their own web sites and be able to write a simple game program.