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                        H Building  - Room 113


     Welcome to the 2019 - 2020 school year at Greenwood High School. Start your year off right: get involved, be a great friend, don't procrastinate with studying, be kind to others, take a challenging class, make new friends!! It is great to be a Greenwood Eagle. Fly high!
    Here is the proposed calendar for next year. There are major changes. A meeting will be held for the community to discuss this. Here is the tweet from the district:

    Our district will be hosting community meetings on October 22nd & October 24th at Genesis Education Center to discuss possible changes to next year's calendar. Students, parents, staff, and community members are encouraged to attend these meetings.
    Please see each class' homepage for information specific to that class. 
    My Fall 2019 Schedule
    1st Block      --    CP Biology 1 
    2nd Block     --    Planning/AVID duty
    3rd Block      --   CP Biology 1
    1:20 - 1:50     --   Lunch 
    4th Block      --   Genetics - Honors Biology II 
      I am available for extra help before and after school most days. Please ask if you need help with anything!



    2019 -2020



        Ms. T. Lagroon                A – CAT & AVID              941 -5611

        Ms. Gordon                    CHA - HAN                            -5626

        Mr. Troy Fields                HAR - MC                             -5612

        Ms. E. Rosenbaum          ME - SA                                -5650

        Mr. Howard Green           SC - Z (9th - 11th grades)       -5628

        Ms. Y. Strom                   GSSM STUDENTS                 -5613
    My email address is  dimsdale@gwd50.org The school number is (864) 941- 5600.

    There is an opportunity for you to practice for the ACT.  Follow the directions below!! Also Khan Academy can now be linked to your SAT scores and they will come up with a personalized plan for you to improve your SAT score. Information is here  Personalized Tutoring Based on Your SAT Score by Khan Academy


    ACT  Tutorial

    And Practice Tests


    Go to:  www.scdiscus.org

    DISCUS homepage click on:  by grade level  “High School”

    Select  LearningExpress Library

    Click on:  College Admission Test Preparation

    Click on:  Prepare for the ACT

    At “New User”  Register to create an account

    Leave “DISCUS”  as the name of the institution

    Return to the opening page to begin the tutorial or take practice tests





    Free Animations



    The mission of Greenwood High School is to educate all students to become responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners.


    The vision of Greenwood High School is to educate today's students for tomorrow's possibilities.


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