• Syllabus for Chorus / Music Appreciation

    Brewer Middle School 2016 - 2017
    Jimmy Carr
    Mr. Carr  
    Course Description
    Music is such an important and wonderful part of our everyday world.  During this course we will explore the many facets of music, from its humble beginnings and growth through history, to learning how to create and perform our very own music compositions.  We will discover our voices from time to time, and make way for learning to read and perform music in a variety of ways.  There will sometimes be homework, but I believe you will find it to be a delightful extension of what we are learning in class.
    Any items needed for class (other than a pencil) will be provided, and I am tentatively planning for us to use your Chrome Books later on in the course for music composition, both individually and as a group. 
    Please note, the course makes full use of the "South Carolina Academic Standards for the Visual and Performing Arts". 
     Chorus Room Rules and Procedures
                                  1.  Students will line up along the wall outside of the Chorus Room, and will enter in line Only After Mr. Carr gives permission.
                                  2.  There is no gum, candy, food, or drink allowed in the Chorus Room.  (I will allow bottled water as needed - just remember - Make a spill, clean you Will!)
                                  3.  Let me catch you doing something RIGHT! :)  These include:  Remaining in your seat at All times, keeping "all 4 on the floor" (no leaning back in chair), remaining silent until allowed to speak, chant, hum, rap, sing, or making any other noise Mr. Carr says you can, and refraining from doing any horse playing of Any kind. 
                                  4.  Students' Rights and Responsibilities, BMS Rules and Procedures, BMS's Dress Code, and the "no cell phones" rule will be followed at all times.  (Please see www.gwd50.org for further explanations about these.)
                                  5.  RESPECT yourself, other peoples space and materials, anyone speaking / performing by Listening, and all materials used in and out of the Chorus Room.
    Class Work / PARTICIPATION = 70%
    Homework = 20% 
    Performance Tests / Quizzes = 10% 
    A = 90 - 100          B = 80 - 89          C = 70 - 79          D = 60 - 69          F = 0 - 59 
    Upcoming Assignments and Plans 
    Each 9-week Rotation in Chorus / Music appreciation is sectioned off into three groups, as follows:
                                  1.  Introduction to basic Music Theory (call-and-response, general note-reading and performing through stomp / clap / chant exercises).
                                  2.  Listeing to various artists throughout history and up to today, and exploring musical interests and why.
                                  3.  Exploring the use and importance of how music enhances our every-day lives (advertisements, television, movies, internet, video games, etc.)
                                  4.  Delving deeper into musical compositions by taking what we have learned thus far and creating our own individual and group pieces.
                                  5.  Exploring further the fundamentals of choral performance, such as balance, correct pitch, proper posture, use of "head voice", and more clearly understanding each composers background and intent.
                                  6.  Discovering past Music Masters and their contributions to the world of music, from the Early Renaissance Period through to the discovery and promotion of Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and Rap.
                                  7.  Fine tuning specific vocal selections.
                                  8.  Exploring previous class compositions and how each relates to past and present Popular Music.
                                  9.  Expanding musical tastes by actively listening and studying differing music from a theoretical mind-set. 
    There is also a very exciting project in the works, and is currently in the beginning stages of development - creating, maintaining, and helping grow a year-round BMS Choral Club.  Thus far, the plan is for this to be an after-school Vocal group, consisting strictly of students who wish to meet twice a week after school and practice for roughly an hour each time, and then to perform Vocally.  Performances will vary, and will occur as often as can be planned, with as much advance notice given as possible - for example singing the National Anthem at a home football game, putting on a fun show for students, faculty, and staff, performing at least twice a semester in the evening for parents, family, and friends, and getting involved in our community by performing for assisted living members, at local area functions, and Always representing Brewer Middle School and Ourselves in the most professional manner and of the highest musical quality possible.   As such, there will be a mild audition process which will consist mainly of pitch identification - the playing of specific notes on the piano and having each student vocally match each pitch as closely as possible.  The reasons for this include finding out at what level of ability each student is, and learning where his or her voice is placed (Soprano / Alto / Tenor / Bass).  I will be open to accepting 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students once the program begins, tentatively set to begin around Mid-September upon final administrative approvals and the sending out and receiving back letters of interests to the families of interested students.  More information regarding the BMS Choral Club is pending, and will be posted as it becomes available.     
    About Your Teacher 
    I am a Veteran of the United States Air Force, having served during the First Gulf War as an aircraft Pneudraulics Technician on the C-5 generation of aircraft.  After my service, I attended Lander University and graduated in 2005 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Music Education, K - 12, with both instrumental and vocal emphasis.  Since then I have taught at various schools throughout Newberry, Laurens, Greenwood, and Abbeville Counties.  I continue to enjoy performing music, both vocally and with instruments (trumpet, flugelhorn, and French horn) both in ensembles and solo, with a variety of groups and at many church-related events, weddings, and other family-oriented gatherings.  I have been married now for 16 years, and we have one daughter, Emily, who is just joining the 5th Grade ACTS department at Woodfields Elementary School this year.  I enjoy snow skiing, camping, swimming, and reading, not to mention Music!!  I Love music composition, and look forward to sharing this with each class, and getting to know each of you during the year!  Go BMS Bulldogs!!
    Sincerely, Mr. Carr
    Contact Information 
    941 - 5500, extension 6602 for Classroom (Chorus Office - 6605) 
    E-Mail:  carrj@gwd50.org  
    BMS Chorus