• Emerald High School
    English I, IV Course Syllabi
    2017-2018 Academic Year

    Instructor: Mrs. Brandi Tupper
    Room: 512
    Phone: (864) 941-5730
    Email: TupperB@gwd50.org

    Course Description 

    This course is designed to prepare students for College and Career readiness as required by the SC CCR State Standard. English I is a survey course in world literature, which is broken down into major genres: drama, poetry, fiction, and informational texts. English IV is a survey course in British literature, from the Anglo-Saxons to modern, broken down chronologically.


    The English Language Arts sequence is also a survey in writing. Over the course of the year, you will write in different styles and genres for different purposes and audiences. You will write narrative, informative, argumentative, analytical, and research essays alongside blog posts, digital presentations, and even Facebook exchanges between literary characters.

    Required Textbooks

    We will be using the following textbooks in this class:
    Pearson Literature: Grade 9 (2015, online copy provided)
    Pearson Literature: Grade 12 (2015, hard copy assigned)
    Pearson Writing Coach: Grade 9 (2015, online copy provided)
    Throughout the semester, you will also read supplemental works to be determined by the instructor.


    You will need the following supplies for class:
    • Black or blue ink pens
    • Two red ink pens
    • Two No. 2 Pencils
    • Highlighters (multi-color pack)
    • Wide ruled loose leaf paper (1 pack per semester)
    • A fully charged Chromebook

    Learning Outcomes

    In the English Language Arts course sequence:
    • Encounter a variety of challenging texts representing a range of literary and non-literary genres presented in multiple media.
    • Learn and practice strategies for reading carefully, reading closely, and for analyzing texts critically.
    • Work through a range of writing processes—planning, pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing.
    • Develop, organize, and produce effective English 1 level essays.
    • Learn to summarize, paraphrase, and document reading material in accordance with MLA guidelines.
    • Begin developing a clear, effective writing style that is free of major errors.
    • Take class notes using the Cornell Method.
    • Develop 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication.
    You will learn these skills not by listening to me lecture about them, but through frequent and intensive practice. The sequence of carefully planned activities challenges you to improve your abilities with every new task and will prepare you for English 2 and for other classes and situations that require writing.
    Throughout the semester, you will:
    • Write frequent short pieces that reinforce close, critical reading processes and thoughtful composing processes. Short assignments will give you a range of opportunities to compose both informal and formal documents and to write during and outside of class. 
    • Write longer works that include narrative, argumentative, analytical, and research essays.
    • Participate in peer revision activities and incorporate peer feedback before submitting final versions of the essays.

    Strategies for Success

    • Complete all outside reading and come prepared to discuss it. This includes taking notes as you read.
    • Take thorough notes in class.
    • Bring something to read in case you finish your in-class work early. You are required to complete additional outside reading for class, so this is an opportunity to work on it.
    • Participate regularly.
    • Take chances when participating in discussion. This includes putting forth ideas you are unsure about and not being afraid to ask questions.