• Guidance at Merrywood Elementary School
    Life is like a pickle - sometimes sweet and sometimes sour!  At Merrywood, your counselor can help you celebrate the sweet times and find the support you may need when times are a little less sweet! 
    The Guidance program at Merrywood Elementary School offers the following services:
    * Individual and group counseling for students as mandated by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan
    * Individual and group counseling for a limited number of students who are experiencing issues that are affecting their academic performance, by teacher and/or parent referral
    * Classroom guidance lessons for all classrooms monthly and upon teacher request on such topics as social skills, conflict resolution, character education, and preparing for middle school
    * Crisis counseling and intervention for all students as needed
     Other roles and responsibilities of the Guidance Counselor:
    Chair, 504 Committee
    * Student Council Supervisor
    * Safety Patrol Supervisor
    * Flag Patrol Supervisor