Greenwood School District 50 will accept applications for its Montessori Choice Program for 3-year-old prekindergarten through kindergarten. These classes will be taught at Lakeview Elementary School. The instructional day for 3-year-olds begins at 7:45 am and concludes at 11:30 am. The instructional day for all other grades begins at 7:45 am and concludes at 2:40 pm. 

    Montessori is an education for life. Through this hands-on, discovery approach to learning, students work at their own pace. In the Montessori Program, students are taught in a multi-age classroom using the Montessori curriculum. Respect for others and the environment, and responsibility for one's own learning are cornerstones of the Montessori philosophy.  Most of the work completed in the class is done independently or in small self-selected groups. Although students make choices about their work, the teachers are there to prepare the learning environment and guide them in their learning process.
    Montessori teachers are specially trained facilitators who guide students to explore their world and think creatively. Academic achievement is a major focus in the Montessori classroom. As students work independently they are empowered by the knowledge they acquire and maintain a love of learning. In addition, growth in the affective areas of development results from the emphasis on teaching the whole child. 
    What is a Montessori Program?
        A Montessori program is a hands-on, individualized approach to learning that is success oriented. Children are taught in a multi-age classroom and remain with the same teacher for 2-3 years.

          The philosophy of the program is that children have everything they need within themselves to learn and grow. The educator’s job is to prepare the learning environment and guide students in their learning process. Teachers work to provide a highly enriched, structured environment in which students work to master the skills and knowledge of their society. Lessons are taught using an integrated, thematic curriculum.

     The major emphases of the program include:

    ·   self-discipline and independence.

    ·    internal sense of purpose and motivation.

    ·    mutual respect and global perspective.

    ·   “learning how to learn”.

    What are the Characteristics of a Montessori Classroom?

    ·     The classroom environment is calm and quiet.

    ·     Students work independently or in small self-selected groups.

    ·    Students are very independent.

    ·    Students work collaboratively instead of competitively with each other.

    ·    Lessons are developed around life skills.

    ·    Students remain with a teacher for several years.

    ·    Students learn from each other.

    ·    The classroom is the “children’s house”.

    What are the Benefits of a Montessori Education?

     Students in the Montessori Program are provided:

     ·    an environment that fosters creativity and curiosity.

    ·    the opportunity to “learn from each other”.

    ·    choices about their work.

    ·    a setting in which respect, responsibility, cooperation, and conflict resolution are emphasized.

    ·    a viable alternative to the traditional classroom.

Last Modified on January 7, 2020