• Welcome to Mrs. Sexton's Science Page
    Please keep in mind that any assignments posted on this page are subject to change and students should keep up with their assignments in their agendas for the most accurate and up-to-date information! There is a homework board in the classroom where all assignments are posted for students to copy. I am a firm believer in student responsibility!
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  • 8th Grade Science Classes
    This year we have a new science text that is also available online. We will begin the year with a review of inquiry followed by our study of Earth's Structures. We will have a test prior to Labor Day on all of the content we are able to cover prior to that holiday. Students should keep their notes up to date and have a class buddy to help them in the event they must be absent from the class.
    The week prior to Labor Day will also be the week we take our science MAP test. Students are expected to complete this assessment in a single class period. Please check Mrs. Hadd's weekly newsletter for the most current information on what to expect each week in your child's 8th grade science class. I am looking forward to another great year in ACTS! 



  • 7th Grade Science Classes
    Welcome to my 7th grade science class. We will have a new textbook this year. It is published by Pearson. Each student will have a paper copy and the text will be available online as well.
    We will begin with our first major unit on Ecology. We will cover the 5 levels of ecological organization. We should be able to have a quiz or test before the Labor Day break.  Students are expected to finish this assessment in a single class period.
    To be successful each student should have a class buddy to help them catch up in the event they are absent from my class at any time during the year. Students are also to keep their 7th grade textbook at home, because we have a class set to use in the classroom.

    Parents please be sure I have an accurate email address for you, so that you can stay up to date with our weekly newsletters.




  • NEWSLETTER: Parents/Guardians of all 7th grade students should be receiving an up-to-date newsletter each week in an email from me. If you are not receiving the newsletter or if your email address changes during the school year. Please let me know as soon as possible, so that you do not miss out on any of the news and updates from your child's teachers. THANKS!
    8th grade newsletter is sent out by Mrs. Hadd.