•  Greenwood School of Inquiry

    Greenwood School District 50

    Hodges Elementary School


    Greenwood School District 50 is expanding School Choice at the elementary level to include the Greenwood School of Inquiry (GSI). 


    The intent of the Greenwood School of Inquiry is to develop inquisitive and expressive students who contribute to their school and local community as they prepare to achieve their individual life goals.



    GSI will be located at Hodges Elementary School and available to rising K5-fifth grade students.  The instructional day begins at 7:45 am with dismissal at 2:40 pm. GSI is designed as a school-wide model.  Students who are zoned to attend Hodges Elementary School will participate in this model. Students not zoned to Hodges Elementary have the opportunity to apply to GSI via a lottery application system. Acceptance into GSI will be based on space and availability. State academic standards for English language arts, math, science, and social studies will be taught in an environment that embraces authentic investigations and project-based learning.  Research, data, and technology will be used as primary learning tools. GSI offers a rigorous, in-depth curriculum supported by activities designed to help all students explore English language arts, math, science, and social studies. All GSI teachers will receive specialized training.



    What is Inquiry?


          Inquiry “is defined as” a seeking for truth, information, or knowledge through questioning. The process of inquiring begins with gathering information and data through applying the human senses--seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. 


    What is inquiry-based learning?


    Inquiry is involvement that leads to understanding. Furthermore, involvement in learning implies possessing skills, attitudes, and habits of mind that permit you to seek resolutions to questions and issues while you construct new knowledge.



    How does inquiry based instruction impact student learning?

         •  Students learn through authentic investigations

          Students gain in-depth knowledge of their fields of study through project-based learning

          Students' knowledge is structured to be transferable and applicable to a variety of situations

          Students learning will be accelerated and enriched by building on individual interests and prior experiences


    Why a school of inquiry?

         •  Supports the district’s goal to move students into proficient or higher levels of academic           performance

          Provides an enriched preparatory foundation for the district’s  choice and magnet programs

          Provides students with the opportunity for a multi-sensory approach to learning

         •  Incorporates research, data, and technology as primary learning tools

          Prepares students for a global society through problem-based learning



Last Modified on January 7, 2020