• Teach and Learn With Urgency! Welcome to the RICH WORLD of Social Studies. The aim of all education is, or should be, to teach people to educate themselves (Toynbee)
    Instructor:  Regina Richey    
    Philosophy of Education
    I believe that the foundation of a successful classroom begins and ends with the diciplinary habits of each member of the learning community.  First, as an educator, I must lead by example.  Fairness and ethical treatment of each individual must always be the norm, rather than the exception.  I will temper discipline with compassion, always placing the needs of my students above my own.  In turn, it is the responsibility of each student to strive to become a leader, rather than to be content as a follower in the classroom.  Students must be held accountable for his or her own actions, and claim ownership to the consequences; rather positive or negative.  Students must gain ownership of the classroom as they become active participants in the learning process.  It is through hard work, and the cooperation of each person that a classroom of individuals will become a community of learners.
    Spring Semester Class Schedule:
    1st Period:   Planning
    2nd Period:  USHC
    3rd Period:   USHC
    3rd Block:    AP Human Geography
    6th Period:   USHC 
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