I am so excited to have your child join my classroom for this school year!
    We’re all excited to start the year as THIRD GRADERS! This year will be filled
    with opportunities to read, write, and explore other areas of learning. I
    believe students learn best by learning to work as a community of learners
    and connecting their learning to REAL things outside of school. To ensure
    this happens, we will need your involvement and support throughout the
    entire school year. Here’s a little more about my expectations and policies
    for this school year:
    English/Language Arts: At Woodfields, our teachers work hard to create
    classrooms with a balanced literacy emphasis while pushing students read AND
    understand what is being read. Students will be required to extend their thinking
    by reading independently, conferencing with their teachers, participating in book
    clubs, and conversing with partners. For your child to be successful, you must
    support reading outside of the classroom. Students should be reading a
    minimum of 20 minutes at home per day. Have your child read alone and aloud,
    then discuss the text with your child. Students will also participate in daily
    writing activities that will require written responses about what they have read.
    Math: We will continue to practice addition and subtraction with regrouping, and
    learn new skills such as multiplication, division, fractions, and solving multi-step
    problems. Students in third grade are expected to have addition and subtraction
    facts 1-20 memorized at the beginning of the year, and multiplication and
    division facts 1-12 memorized by the end of the year. Students should also work
    to improve their number sense (understanding numbers and how they work)
    while connecting math strategies to real-life situations.
    Science: In South Carolina, Science is transitioning into a more comprehensive,
    inquiry-based learning style. Students are required to come up with their own
    scientific questions and develop procedures to find the answers. The emphasis
    is on the process and students’ discoveries of new methods and ideas to solve
    real-world problems. Focusing on scientific terms and vocabulary and
    consistently encouraging your child to observe and question their world are both
    great ways to support their scientific thinking.
    Social Studies: The focus for Social Studies in third grade is South Carolina
    History, along with the unique story of our varied geography and the diversity
    of its people. We will begin with early European explorers and settlements,
    move through the American Revolution, Civil War, and Civil Rights movement,
    and conclude our year’s learning by discussing the foundation of our country’s
    government and economy. To help students in Social Studies, parents should
    discuss these events with their children and try to help them understand on a
    “kid-level.” Also, reinforcing concepts, vocabulary, and the sequence of these
    events is a big help. **The Social Studies textbooks are brand new so please ensure that they are taken care of and kept up with.
    Woodfields Agenda: This year students will receive a school agenda/planner to
    record their homework and important reminders. It is very important that
    students are responsible for keeping up with the agenda, because it will be used
    all year long — new ones cost $5.00. Please check your child’s agenda each
    night to make sure homework has been completed, and see any information
    regarding upcoming events. Agendas are not a good way to keep in contact with
    me because I use them as a tool to increase students’ responsibility and they
    aren’t used at all on Fridays. However I will check them daily to make sure your child has correctly written down their homework.
    Homework: Students should expect to have written homework in several
    subjects Monday through Thursday night, as well as reading 20 minutes nightly.
    If you do not have books at home to read, your child should be bringing
    home library books every day. Please check for this. Students are
    responsible for writing their own homework daily, completing it, and returning
    it to school the next day. Students’ typically have a difficult time in class when
    concepts and strategies aren’t being reinforced at home, so homework is an
    essential piece of your child’s education. Teach your child the value and
    importance of homework to ensure this isn’t a year long battle for you, your
    child, and myself. Students are required to turn in their homework first thing
    in the morning, and will receive silent lunch if it is missing without a
    legitimate written excuse with a signature and contact number.
    Graded Papers and Student Work: Students will come home with a Woodfields
    folder that will be filled with graded work and important papers to keep at
    home. You should review everything in this folder with your child and remove
    any papers on the “Take Home” side, which include newsletters, permission
    forms, notices from the office, etc. Students will be given two nights to make
    this happen and it must be returned with signatures on all tests. Folders will be
    sent home at least once a month and typically on Tuesdays. If you have any
    questions about a grade on a particulate assignment before it comes home,
    please email or write a note and I’ll try to get it to you sooner. Tests sent home
    in the folder are not to be kept to study, but instead returned to school to be
    filed in students’ assessment records. If you would like tips on what to study,
    please request a copy of my “How Do I Study?” guide.
    Rules and Consequences: Within the first week of school, we go over rules
    and consequences. Recess time and/or other privileges will be lost when rules
    are broken. If your child has had several problems within one school day, a
    minor referral will be sent home. If the problem is not resolved after this point,
    a major referral will be used. Please see the PBIS Matrix and/or the Students’
    Rights and Responsibilities handbook for specific rules and expectations.
    Morning Procedures: When students arrive at school each morning, they will
    come to our classroom and sit in the hallway until 7:30am. At this time they will
    be invited into the classroom to unpack, turn-in homework, and copy homework
    into their agendas. Morning work will be given each morning and the concepts
    covered will be assessed every Friday, so try to reinforce the importance of
    these assignments to your child and remember that punctuality and attendance
    are very important! If your child is going to eat breakfast at school,
    he/she must arrive by 7:35am.
    Book Orders: I will send home Scholastic book orders periodically through the
    school year inside WFD folders. This gives students a chance to choose books
    they are interested in that are on an appropriate level. Please do not feel
    obligated to order; however, there are usually several books in each month’s
    catalog that cost between $1.00 and $3.00. This is a fantastic, effective way
    to build at-home libraries and also will help make sure students have something
    to read for the required 15-20 minutes of reading homework at night.
    Classroom Supplies: Please look over the third grade classroom supplies list
    and make sure your child comes to school on the first day with the required
    items. I will return any unused materials at the end of the year. During the
    year when we run our of pencils or erasers, I’ll send home a note requesting
    you send either money or more supplies. If you would like to donate any
    additional supplies to our classroom, please consider the following: Kleenex,
    dry erase markers, cap erasers, wide-ruled notebook paper, composition
    notebooks, highlighters, handheld erasers, hand sanitizer, hand soaps,
    Clorox wipes, Ziploc bags, crayons, colored pencils, crayons, or anything that
    could replenish supplies of children who might need extra when time is short!
    Any donations will be used responsibly and greatly appreciated.
    Toys: School is a place for learning and we will do activities to have fun in the
    process; however, ALL toys should be left at home. If they are brought to
    schoolthey will be taken away and will NOT be returned unless a
    parent/guardian comes to school to have a conference with the child and
    teacher. If you’re unsure if something should come to school, I suggest leaving
    it at home!
    Celebrations/Parties: When the time comes for a party, I will send home a
    notice letting you know. At that time you can sign-up for items that you would
    be willing to send and I’ll get back in touch with you shortly. Items that are
    not individually packaged will not be accepted, including chips and drinks. Do
    not send any items that include peanuts or possibly came in contact with
    peanuts/peanut oil. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy,
    please request the information packet that addresses this and I will send it
    home with your child as soon as possible. Remember volunteers wanting to
    come to school and help with parties must be pre-approved through the district
    office and a background check.
    Contact Information: If you should have ANY questions or concerns about
    my classroom procedures and expectations for this year, please do not
    hesitate to contact me.
    You may contact me by one of the following ways:
       * Write me a note and have your child turn it in the next morning
       * Email me at riserts@gwd50.org or riserts@icloud.com
       * Call me at school (864.941.5540), but keep in mind I do not get phone
          messages until AFTER 3:00pm [at the earliest!]
       * ClassDojo - Use the information given at orientation to register. Please request another copy of the information if needed.
    I am very excited about the upcoming school year and I expect all my
    students will soar and excel as Woodfields High Flyers!
    Ms. Riser
    2017/2018 Third Grade Team
Last Modified on August 14, 2017