• Mission

    The mission of Woodfields Elementary School is to educate and encourage today’s students for success in tomorrow’s world.


    We envision Woodfields Elementary School as a place where students are encouraged to become confident, caring, responsible individuals, who reach their maximum potential.



    ·        Student learning is the top priority of our school.

    ·        All students can learn.

    ·        Each student is a valued individual who deserves respect, encouragement, and a safe, supportive, and challenging environment.

    ·        Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community must share the vision for advancing the unique needs of each student (physical, social, emotional, and intellectual).

    ·        All students deserve equal access to quality educational opportunities.

    ·        Students learn best when they have appropriate opportunities for success.
    ·        Students share in the responsibility for their learning.
    ·        All students' basic needs should be met daily so that they come to school ready to learn.
    ·        The commitment to continuous improvement is imperative.
Last Modified on August 6, 2014