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    Here are a few tips for helping your child be a successful reader. 


    Read with your child each day!  This includes time that you read to him/her and that they read to you. It is crucial that your child understands the importance of literacy!

     When your child is stuck on a word, say these things to help:

    • "Look at the picture.  Are there clues in it?"
    • "Think about the story.  What is happening?"
    • "What word would fit in that space?  ...   Does the word you said match the one on the page?"
    • "Go back to the beginning and try it again."
    • "Look at the first letter.  Get your mouth ready to say that word."
    • “Look for chunks in the word, such as it in sit, at in mat, or and in stand.
    • “Does the word look like another word that they know?  Does bed look like red?, for example.”
    • “Skip that word.  Read the rest of the sentence.  Now do you know the word?”

        Where you choose to read is important.  Find a quiet place where your child will not be distracted.  Make reading time a fun time.  

    Happy reading! 






















Last Modified on June 23, 2019