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COVID-19 District Protocols

DHEC issued new guidance for South Carolina schools on September 7, 2021.
  • Face coverings will continue to be optional, but strongly recommended in school facilities.
  • The South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) released new guidance in regards to face coverings on school buses. This updated information can be found at here. Our district will continue to follow SCDE's guidance on these issues.
  • If needed, face coverings and PPE can be provided by the school or district.
    Hand washing/sanitizing is still recommended upon entry to the school building, classrooms, cafeteria, etc.
  • The Daily Health Survey should still be completed prior to students and staff coming to school every day.
  • Schools have developed safety plans in regards to procedures for school lunches, assemblies, school arrival/dismissal, etc.
  • Visitors and volunteers will not be allowed in schools.
  • Visitors will continue to be allowed for afterschool programs, but they must provide a safety plan and go through the Daily Health Survey prior to entering the school.
  • Social distancing for school meetings/conferences and virtual meetings will be utilized.
  • Virtual meetings/conferences are encouraged.
  • School events (PTO Nights, Open Houses, etc.) will be conducted virtually.
  • Seating charts and rosters within each classroom maintained for contact tracing.
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and procedures will continue on a daily basis.
  • COVID-19 Communication/Notification Protocols will remain the same.
  • Students with no mask must be 6+ feet from an individual that tests positive for COVID-19 in order to not be quarantined.
  • Students with a mask must be 3+ feet from an individual that tests positive for COVID-19 in order to not be quarantined.

COVID-19 Dashboard:

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