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GWD50 Virtual Learning Program


The GWD50 Virtual Learning Program will align with all state and district standards and guidelines and will parallel with the rigor of the daily instruction delivered in our face-to-face, A/B and virtual models of instruction. Although we may not be able to offer everything that is offered in our traditional schools, students in grades K-12 will receive what they need to be college- and career-ready.


The virtual student is at home accessing course work in a digital format. Students will continue to be enrolled in their school and taught by a certified teacher from our district. Some lessons will be synchronous (teachers delivering a lesson live or students participating in discussions live via Google Meet), and some lessons will be asynchronous (students working independently accessing work created by the teacher via Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Calvert Learning, Odysseyware, Thrively or VirtualSC.)


If you are in need of technical support with the virtual learning program, please call 864-941-5705 or email


Please click on the links below to view the handbook, contract, meals, Wi-Fi hot spots, and app for the virtual learning program.


GWD50 Virtual Learning Program Handbook


GWD50 Virtual Learning Student Contract


GWD50 Virtual Learning Student Meal Sign-Up


Wi-Fi Hotspots 


GWD50 Virtual Learning Program App


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Virtual Learning FAQ's