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What Benefits Do I Need?

Disclaimer - The information contained in this website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as advice on any insurance, tax or legal matter.  The information is also not a solicitation related to any particular company.

Health - You have 2 options - Standard or Savings.  Standard is a lower deductible and covers prescriptions, the savings doesn't cover medications at all and has a much higher deductible.  If you see a family doctor with any Self Medical Group, you have no upfront co-pay (you will be billed) and insurance pays 90% after you have met your deductible.  Want the details?  Click HERE.

Dental vs. Dental Plus - Basic Dental was created a long time ago and hasn't changed...there is no network and that means your dentist can bill you whatever they want.  However, not everyone needs Dental Plus either.  Dental plus does have a NETWORK, but you have to look at the extra premiums vs. how much dental work you usually need and determine if the coverage warrants the cost.  For example, Dental Plus is going to be $25.96 for just the employee.  That is $311.52 per year.  If all you normally have is a cleaning, and an occasional cavity, you may be spending more in premiums than you need.  DENTAL PLUS DOES NOT COVER BRACES!!  

Vision - Unless you need glasses or contacts, you usually do not need the Vision Coverage.  Your health coverage provides you a discount eye exam at most providers for $60.  However, the Vision plan through EyeMed is excellent coverage, so if you need it, sign up!  Be sure to see a Network provider or you will pay more!!

Life -  Everyone needs life insurance, no matter your age.  The average cost for a funeral alone runs between $13-$15,000.  State Life offers life on employee, spouse and child(ren), however, you need to understand your coverage is group, term coverage.  You CAN take your coverage with you into retirement as it is, or you can convert it to whole life.  You can only Convert a Spouse's coverage to whole life.  This is something you should talk to us about.  Let us help you understand what you have and how it will work.  DON'T WAIT UNTIL RETIREMENT!!


Disability - The STATE does NOT offer Short Term Disability, only Long-term.  Protect your income!!  If you will earn more than $15,000 per year, you need SLTD (Supplemental Long Term Disability).  Unfortunately, if you didn't take this when hired, you have to answer a medical questionnaire to get it now.  


Medical Spending Account - Does someone need braces or do you meet your deductible each year or have significant health, dental, pharmacy or vision expenses?  Why pay taxes on that?  Talk to Benefits about having money come out of your check BEFORE taxes for you and any member of your family you can claim on taxes, even if you don't have any insurance here, you can have this!!


Miscellaneous Policies - our vendors sell various policies such as short term disability, cancer, accident, etc.  You can be insurance poor, so carefully examine the policy offered to determine if it meets your needs.  Your Benefits team is very familiar with the policies offered and how they work, please ask us if you have questions and remember that you can enroll or cancel a miscellaneous (non-State) policy at any time!