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The New Medical Magnet Academy at Northside

LogoIn Greenwood 50's Medical Magnet Academy at Northside Middle School, students will be introduced to the field of health sciences through a rigorous academic program. The authentic experiences provided in this program will be made possible through medical partnerships and intensive classroom instruction.  Teachers in the Medical Magnet Academy will have the South Carolina Gifted and Talented Endorsement and will receive specialized training for the program.

This magnet program will introduce middle school students to the various careers available in the medical field. This early exposure to medical sciences will begin to prepare our students academically to become healthcare professionals. Students accepted into this program will need a strong academic foundation in the areas of math and science. Integrated into the curriculum is an emphasis on soft skills needed to be successful in the workforce. These essential skills include decision making, problem solving, teamwork, communication, and work ethic. Our goal is to meet the academic needs of our students while preparing them for future success.

Program Implementation

We will implement one grade per year, starting with 6th grade in the 2021-22 school year. As we implement the Medical Magnet Academy at Northside, we will phase out AVID as a magnet.  AVID will begin to phase in as AVID Elective and transition to AVID Schoolwide on all three middle school campuses.