GHS 3D Design Classes Design & Install Steel Sculpture at D50 Performing Arts Center



On Friday, December 11th, GHS students in Ms. Danielle Tavernier’s 3D Design classes were given the opportunity to install a steel sculpture created with award-winning, nationally acclaimed artist Bob Doster outside of the Greenwood 50 Performing Arts Center. 



Over the summer GHS Media Arts/Theatre Specialist Wendi Wimmer secured the Distinguished Arts Program (DAP) Grant for Greenwood High School. The grant allowed the school to bring in the Bob Doster to work with 3D Design classes. In October, all 3D Design 1 & 2 students were tasked with designing an original sculpture and creating a miniature model of it out of cardboard. 


Greenwood High

Once all of the designs were created, Ms. Tavernier’s art classes voted on their favorite design. The sculpture that was chosen was designed by GHS senior Rachel Gilmer. The final design and plans were sent to Bob Doster and he was able to cut all of the large shapes with a machine at his art studio in Lancaster. 


In November, Mr. Doster visited GHS and worked with the 3D Design students, teaching them how to plasma cut the steel and polish it with a metal grinder. Once all of the pieces were finished, Mr. Doster welded them together at his studio. 

On last Friday, the final product was installed. Students watched as it was anchored into the cement and secured in place. 

“My students loved working with the steel and want to do it more!” Ms. Tavernier stated. “They loved using the plasma cutter and now are interested in learning how to weld. This has been a wonderful experience for my students and myself and I am so proud of what they were able to accomplish!”