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    In United States Government, students examine the operation of major American institutions such as the presidency and the executive branch, the Supreme Court and lower courts, and the United States Congress. Study in the course also focuses on the functions of bureaucracy, the roles of the political parties, the actions of interest and advocacy groups, and the impact of mass media. Students also discuss civil liberties, civil rights, civil responsibilities, and public policies. Extra help is offered before school from 7:30am- 8:15am and 3:30-4:00
    Link to the website for the S.C. Government Standards:
    Education- Ohio University 1985 BS Education/Social Studies, history major. Master's degree United States Sports Academy 2001. National Board
    Certification 2008. Former football and track coach at Abbeville High School and Greenwood High School. 1997 & 1998 SC AA track coach of the year. 1998 SC Track coach of the year
    I believe in giving all students the access to materials to promote learning. Grading scale A 100-90, B- 89-80, C-79-70, D- 60-60
    Each student will be assigned a book so they can read the chapters independently and complete an unfinished work. Students who have missed days may turn in any work and it will not be counted as late.
    1st block-  Honors Gov't - 2nd semester - Honors Gov't
    2nd block- AVID
    3rd block- CP Gov't- @nd Semester CP Gov't
    4th Block- CP Gov't- 2nd Semester Honors Gov't
    phone 941-5600, blosserd@gwd50.org Room F341
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