• Schedule

    schedule The media center is open Monday through Friday, 7:45AM-3:45PM. The media center will have special hours during some special events such as PTSO meetings and Open House nights. Students have a chance to visit the media center each week with their ELA classes. In addition, students may come to the library individually or in small groups with a pass from their teacher.Classes may also sign up for information literacy, reading, research, and technology lessons with Ms. Thompson. 



    Check-Out Policy

    books Students are allowed to check out up to three books. Students are allowed to check out magazines. Magazines count as one of the students' book check-outs. Students may borrow books for two weeks, and books may be checked out again if more time is needed. Students who are working on special projects may ask for permission to borrow more than their assigned number of books. Students are not allowed to check out reference materials.


    Behavior Policy

    In the media center, students should:

    Be responsible.
       -Sign in
       -Handle materials with care.
       -Return books on time. 
       -Stay on task.
       -Use computers for school work only.
       -Ask permission to print.
    Show respect.
       -Speak quietly.
       -Keep hands and feet to yourself.
       -Practice good manners.
Last Modified on September 19, 2017