• research Research Tools

    Our school uses the Big 6 model for research. Students in grades 6-8 follow six steps to help them solve informational problems. Students in grades K-2 follow a version of the Big 6 called the Super 3. Click here to find out more about this model.


    Research Process

    The steps for solving problems include:

    • Identifying a problem or research question.
    • Determining the best sources for finding answers.
    • Locating resources.
    • Determining valuable information within resources.
    • Organizing and presenting new information.
    • Judging the final product.


    Information Literacy Links

    Noodle Tools-  Helps with note-taking, outlining, and citing
    Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for School Projects
    - Kid-friendly chart to guide your use of video and music clips in school projects
    - Organize your research using thinking maps


    Citation Resources

    When you research, it is very important to cite your sources. Simple citations include title, author, and publication information. Use the helpful links below to help you generate citations.
    - Online citation help and bibliography guide
    - Citation and bibliography generator

Last Modified on September 19, 2017