• Party in a bag
    Party in a Bag

    Parents in the hopes to make our parties as easy as we can for everyone we are using a special system for our parties called: PARTY IN A BAG!

    Instead of just a few people bringing in large amounts of food for everyone, we are asking that you provided a party in a bag for YOUR child.

    Your child will be furnished with a brown paper bag for each celebration we have throughout the year which he or she may decorate according to the season.

    Your child may bring any kind of party food and drink he or she would like as long as it ALL fits into their paper bag.

    Some ideas for party snacks could be snack cakes, drink, chips, cookies or anything else your child may want to eat during our party time.

    Please remember to send your child's PARTY IN A BAG with their name on it on the day of our party.

    Thank you for helping make your child's PARTY IN A BAG a huge success!
Last Modified on October 16, 2015