• Documenting Sources
    GoAnimate4Schools.com: Documenting Sourcesby Greta Flinn

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    1. Which statement is an example of plagiarism?
    A. Copying text from a webpage and pasting it on a PowerPoint slide
    B. Typing information you already knew on a PowerPoint slide
    C. Including a link in your PowerPoint to an online video
    D. Writing an original song and including it in your PowerPoint

    2. Which citation would be listed first in a bibliography or works cited list?
    A. Stone, Tanya. Mars. New York: Benchmark, 2002.
    B. Stefoff, Rebecca. Pluto. New York: Benchmark, 2003.
    C. Stefoff, Rebecca. Neptune. Tarrytown: Benchmark, 2002.
    D. Stone, Tanya. Saturn. Tarrytown: Benchmark, 2002.

    3. You would like to upload your video project to YouTube. All the content in the video is original except for the music. You could legally upload the video if which statement was true?
    A. You requested and received permission from the copyright owner.
    B. You used music that was licensed as Creative Commons and followed the terms of use.
    C. You used music in the Public Domain.
    D. All of the above

    4. Which citation is for a webpage?
    A. Truth, Sojourner. The Columbia Encyclopedia. Edition 6, 2000 p38961
    B. "Sojourner truth: childhood and youth". Skipping Stones. Nov-Dec 2010 v22 i5 p34
    C. Krass, Peter. Sojourner Truth. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2005.
    D. Lewis, Jone J. "Sojourner Truth." About.com. A & E Television Networks.
            Web. 1 Sept. 2011.

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