• Organizing Information

    1. The poster you created on South Carolina's government for social studies has four headings: State Government, County Government, Municipal (City/Town) Government, and SC Elections.  Which heading would be the best choice to put the phone number and address of your local voter registration office under.
    A. State Government
    B. County Government
    C. Municipal (City/Town) Government
    D. SC Elections

    2. In science class you are studying life cycles.  You have collected photographs of frog eggs, a tadpole, a tadpole with legs, a froglet, and an adult frog.  Based on what you have collected what is the best way to present this life cycle to the class?
    A. One page typed paper
    B. Video created with Photo Story
    C. Spreadsheet
    D. Brochure

    3. You are give the outline below by your science teacher.  Your teacher wants you to complete the outline.  Where would you include the following fact?  Loam has almost equal amounts of sand and silt and a smaller amount of clay.
    Soil Outline
    A. Soil organisms
    B. Soil layers
    C. Soil composition
    D. Soil types

    4. Your teacher has asked you to create a PowerPoint about Frances Marion and wants you to include slides titled Early Life, Military Career, Later Life, and Legends of the Swamp Fox.  On what slide would you put the follow fact?  Frances Marion was born in Berkeley County, South Carolina.
    A. Early Life
    B. Military Career
    C. Later Life
    D. Legends of the Swamp Fox

Last Modified on September 8, 2011