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    1. Use this map by the American Library Association and the Kids' Right to Read Project  that shows the locatation of book challenges made in the United States from 2007-2011 to answer the question below.
    Which statement is most likely true?
    A. Colorado has more book challenges than any other state.
    B. More book challenges are made in the Eastern US than the Western US.
    C. Fewer book challenges are made in North Carolina than Louisiana.
    D. Book challenges are made in every state.


    2. Use this graph that shows Dan's broadband usage to answer the question below.
    What two uses of broadband only occur between midnight and four o'clock in the afternoon?
    A. Broadband phone calls and Peer-to-peer
    B. Web and Streaming
    C. Email and Gaming
    D. Gaming and Streaming


    3. Use this dictionary entry to answer the question below.
    Which definition best defines the word recall as it is used in this sentence?
    Layla's car seat was recalled due to a defect that makes the seat unsafe.
    A. 3
    B. 2b
    C. 2a
    D. 1


    4. Use this library catalog record to answer the question below.
    What kind of graphics does this book include?
    A. Maps and Charts
    B. Illustrations and Maps
    C. Charts and Graphs
    D. Graphs and Illustrations


Last Modified on September 19, 2012