• Selecting Resources


    1. Your teacher has asked you to write as if you lived during the American Civil War and suggested that you use a primary source to find information.  Which of the following is a primary source?
    A. A video documentary about the Civil War
    B. An encyclopedia article about the Battle of Gettysburg
    C. A biography of Abraham Lincoln
    D. A newspaper article written in 1863


    2. You need to find information about the pyramids for a poster.  What research approach would most likely result in finding the information needed for your poster?
    A. Search the online catalog for a library book, use an encyclopedia, use an Internet search engine
    B. Ask a friend for help, look through the newspaper, browse the library shelves
    C. Look through the magazines, search a news database, use an Internet search engine
    D. Browse the library shelves, use an Internet search engine, look through an atlas


    3. Which of the following web addresses would most likely help you find information about South Carolina's government?
    A. www.sc.edu
    B. www.discoversouthcarolina.com
    C. www.sciway.net
    D. www.sc.gov


    4. You are using an Internet search engine to find information about American Indian tribes native to South Carolina.  Which search terms should you use to get the best results for your search?
    A. American Indian tribes
    B. "American Indian tribes" AND "South Carolina"
    C. "American Indian tribes" OR "South Carolina"
    D. "American Indian tribes" NOT "South Carolina"


    5. You are researching the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.  Which resource would have the most current information?
    A. A book with a copyright date of 2002
    B. A website revised in 2009
    C. A newspaper article published yesterday
    D. An encyclopedia article from World Book 2010


    6. Which of the following web addresses would most likely help you find information about items that were traded along the Silk Road?
    A. www.history4kids.com/world-history/the-silk-road
    B. www.history4kids.com/china
    C. www.history4kids.com/china/silkroad/goods
    D. www.history4kids.com/world-history/trading


Last Modified on September 19, 2012